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Chattanooga 50 Mile / 100 Mile / 100 Relay

December 1, 2017 @ 9:00 am – December 2, 2017 @ 12:00 am
Cloudland Canyon State Park
$95 - $250

100 mile solo / relay starts Friday December 1st at 9 am sharp from the Group Lodge within Cloudland Canyon State Park. Runners have 30 hours to finish the course with 13,000 ft of gain.
We will allow slower runners a 2 hour early start but they will have to be self sufficient for the first 13 miles.

50 mile starts Saturday December 2nd at 7 am sharp. You have 14 hours to finish the course with 7,000 ft of gain.

This race is meant to be a journey. This 100 mile course contains 95 miles of single track race with its expansive views and waterfalls.
The point of this race is not to be extremely difficult it is meant to show of the natural beauty between Cloudland Canyon State Park. You will see a couple of MASSIVE water falls, run around the rim of a canyon, and finish to beers and cheers.
We have the 100 mile relay as an option to really take out what those big companies have when charging $1000 + for a team. This relay is the same course and you start and run with the solo runners. We want to get people into trail and running not weed out people who cant run 100 miles.

100 milers will get a badass HANDMADE METAL buckle worth over $100 and the relay folks will get finishers pint glasses

From the RD Sean Run Bum Blanton – It has been too long. The Chattanooga area needs an epic 100 mile race and a race that the ENTIRE community can get behind. We want folks to come from Cananda, Hawaii, California, Vermont, Oregon etc to have their minds blow by the scenery.

100 mile has a 30 hour cutoff and less than 15k of gain for the course
50 mile has a 14 hour cutoff.