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Running groups are a great way to meet new friends, stay motivated, gain access to additional training resources, learn new courses, and so much more!  Check out these running groups that may be local to your area.  Feel free to request to join these Facebook groups as well.

No Limits Running – The Shoals, AL area

Facebook Group

Meets Tuesday and Thursday at the Singin’ River Brewery (526 E College St, Florence, AL) at 5:30 pm. There are a wide range of paces and runs are 3.5 to 5 miles. The group also meets on Saturday at the TVA Nature Trails parking lot at 6:30 am.  Again, there are a wide range of paces and runs are usually 5 to 15+ miles.  However, you can always shorten your distance for any of these group run, so don’t let that hold you back.

Please note that meetup times are subject to change/cancel due to weather.  Be sure to join the Facebook group for the latest information.

River City Runners – Decatur, AL area

Facebook Group

River City Runners is an association founded to promote and encourage long distance running and to educate the public to its benefits.  RCR also hosts a number of events.

The Facebook group is for members of River City Runners to be able to contact each other and discuss running in and around the community. If you are not a RCR member you are encouraged to join!

Run256 – Northwest Alabama

Facebook Group

We are here to serve the Northern Alabama running community in every form or fashion.  With our vast knowledge of running/walking, we want to give back and help people of all abilities achieve their fitness goals. If you have training questions feel free to ask! Want information on upcoming races? Ask! You get the idea, welcome to Run256!

We Run Huntsville – Huntsville, AL area

Facebook Group

WRH is the Public Facebook group of http://WeRunHuntsville.com and We Run Huntsville, LLC.

We’re a fun, supportive community of road and trail runners, bikers, swimmers, triathletes, new and experienced alike!   Post questions, add pictures, and participate in discussions about getting out and being active.

We encourage race promotion, equipment discussions, group runs, and general posts about being active. From time to time we will post about events or groups that we feel are of interest to this community. Most are directly related to being active, but some may not. We promise not to spam you. If you are not sure if a post is appropriate, contact us, and we can discuss. Sorry, we don’t allow fundraising, fad diets, or contests.

We Run Downtown Huntsville – Huntsville, AL area

Facebook Group

Let’s run in downtown Huntsville!  This is an offshoot of the broader We Run Huntsville group.  Post when you’d like to run, meet friends and activity partners, get a workout, and have fun!

No Runner Left Behind – Huntsville, AL area

Facebook Group

This is a subset of the We Run Huntsville group specifically for road runners wanting to learn to run trails. We recommend you be able to run 5 miles at a 12-min/mile pace. We run at 7am on Sundays, October through March. We provide a “leader” (who often can’t actually lead because many are faster) and a “sweeper” who will make sure everyone stays on course.

While we often walk a lot of the tough sections of the trails, and we stop and take a lot of photos, but we are not a hiking group. The running recommendation (5 miles on the road at at least a 12-min/mile pace) prevents us from getting too spread out in the woods and increasing the chance people get lost.

Have Coffee Will Run:  Mississippi Area Running Event

Facebook Group

Coffee and running traditionally go hand in hand. We joke about coffee but are serious about running. We are new runners and old runners. What we do is encourage and support each other through the terrific runs and the inevitable not so terrific runs. We love to run!

Lawrenceburg Tenn Running Community

Facebook Page

A great resource for information regarding races and group runs in the local area.

Harvest HazelNUTS Group

Facebook Group

Please feel free to post in the group if you would like to walk or run.  Please post the time, pace, meeting location is normally the Kelly Plantation Clubhouse. We are a walking and running group.

We have 3 mile and 5 mile Route posted below:

3 Mile Route with Map and directions: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/8715066

5 Mile Route with Map and directions: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/8715056

Trail Klutzes – beginner friendly

Facebook Group

Easy slow/med BEGINNER geared EVERYONE welcome TRAIL RUN.  Some walk.  And for those that can’t get out of bed to do a 7am trail run, there’s an easy one in the midmorning/afternoon that is great for beginners.

The South Plateau White loop is 3.5 miles.  We will try to do this every Sunday.  As a BEGINNER trail runner myself I LOVE this run! We have had several “NEW” trail runners all agree this is great.  The WHITE trail is THE easiest, and you can NOT get lost.

We Run Later!

Facebook Group

A spin-off of the larger “We Run Huntsville” group, this running group in the Huntsville, AL area that tends to run later in the day to accommodate those not wanting to run in the morning and incorporate a lot of trails.

We Walk Huntsville

Facebook Group

A spin-off of the larger “We Run Huntsville” group, this group hosts different walk meetups with different routes.  It’s a great way to get out, enjoy Huntsville, and be active!

Join them for a group walk: bit.ly/WRHWalks

And, for walk friendly races go to: bit.ly/WWHRaces